"your success is our goal"

Our consultancy services

We provide all aspect of grassland management using diverse stewards to improve animal health and soil fertility. We provide essential sampling and management services to maintain and improve the physical, chemical and biological structure of your soils for plant and animal health.

1. Farm Management & Development

Crop Consultancy :-

  • Fertility
  • Agronomy
  • Cover cropping
  • Arable production
  • Harvesting time
  • Crop record keeping
  • Cultivation programming
  • Fruit, nuts and timber production systems
  • Integrated Pest Management

Soil Consultancy :-

  • Agronomy
  • Soil husbandry
  • Soil sampling & soil mapping
  • Soil, nutrient and manure management

Organic Farming Consultancy :-

  • Organic standards and regulation
  • Business and conversion planning
  • Sustainable arable cropping
  • Weeds, pests and disease management

Hydroponics Farming Consultancy :-

  • Planning & regulation
  • Organizing strategic plan to develop and increase the production
  • Appropriate environmental condition

Aquaponics Farming Consultancy :-

  • Planning & regulation
  • Organizing strategic plan to develop and increase the production
  • Appropriate environmental condition

Agricultural Equipment Consultancy :-

  • Educating investors with modern equipment to reduce manpower, water supply and remote monitoring
  • Organizing farmers' education and training on agricultural equipment

Greenhouses all Types Consultancy :-

  • Greenhouses Constructions
  • Greenhouses Technology
  • High Tech Greenhouses

Livestock & Poultry Consultancy :-

  • Animal health and nutrition
  • Livestock husbandry
  • Provide technical consultations for poultry farms to increase production

Bees Farming Consultancy :-

  • Planning and regulation
  • How to avail bee increasing the productivity of agriculture

Mushroom Farming Consultancy :-

2. Knowledge Transfer & Training

  • Training days for farmers and growers.
  • On-farm workshops and field labs.
  • Agricultural research dissemination.
  • Producer groups and forums.
  • Project and event management.
  • Conference support services.

3. Strategic Supporting Services

  • Feasibility study.
  • Harvest timetable.
  • Business review and feasibility.
  • System design and costing.
  • Farming enterprise appraisal.
  • Business planning, forecasting, budgeting.
  • Business structures, tenancies, contract farming.
  • Finance, credit, insurance.
  • Rural Grants, Basic Payment Scheme.
  • Business structures, tenancies, contract farming.
  • Government funding, regulation, cross compliance.
  • Keeping up to date with relevant developments.
  • Handling the business, compliance and paperwork issues surrounding modern farming.

4. Quality Assurance & Quality Control

  • Assure the quality of all equipment, materials, structures, components, and systems utilized in the construction, manufacturing, and operation of all types of industrial facilities.
  • Comply with all relevant quality standards and regulations.
  • Verify materials, parts and final products through independent checks, audits, inspections, and witnesses.
  • Benefit from quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) both off-site at manufacturers’ facilities and on-site during the construction process.
  • Client feedback and survey.

Key to success

  • Professional quality in all consulting
  • Ability to manage confidentiality and intellectual –property issues among competitors
  • Professional relevance (state – of – the – art awareness) and knowledge growth in rapidly expanding industry
  • Retention of existing clients (repeat business ) and attracting more customer